Die Nackte Nächte Readings – An Erotic Delight


Die Nackte Nächte Reading Sessions

A tantalizing evening of erotic readings with naked readers.


Every 2nd Saturday at 19:45 we invite you to a reading of erotic literature in the nude! This will get you in the mood for whatever pleasures you have in store for your Saturday night.

Enjoy a glass of  wine, a candlelit café and the beauty of the naked flesh sitting before you, reading a tale that is sure to light your fire!


What is Die Nackte Nächte Reading Session all about?

Each Nachte Nächte Reading Session will have 2-3 naked readers reading aloud an erotic selection of their choosing. It may be a Victorian erotic poem, a chapter from an erotic fantasy novel or a humor erotica short story. It may be read in English or German or another sensual language. Whatever the selection, it is sure to please and entice while being read by one of our lovely naked readers. Syren Joey is our presenter for these evenings. There will be a short pause between readings and a Q&A with the readers and presenter afterwards.

Why Naked Readers?

We all know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” One has to read a book to really know what it’s all about. We often use this phrase when getting to know other human beings as well. In these naked night reading sessions we present the reader and the book without it’s cover and get to the true beauty of literature and people.

How much does it cost?

10€ including a glass of delicious Portuguese wine.

Next Event: March 14


2 responses to “Die Nackte Nächte Readings – An Erotic Delight

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  2. Our first event was a huge success. We are very much looking forward to our next session on April 11th, hosted by Lucky LU.


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